• Building of statues (inner relics), Thankas (cloth painting), Deb-ris (mural painting), hostels for monks and practitioners, guest house, Mani Wheel, Stupas, and site development.
  • Providing public teachings from the center- empowerments, oral transmissions and explanations to the general public and to disciples.

  • Imparting of teachings to monks and elderly residing at monastery by H.E. Khentrul Baza Guru Rinpoche and other linage masters.
  • Performing sacred prayers and rituals like the reading of Kanjur and Tenjur etc. on a regular basis for the peace, happiness and wellbeing of all sentient beings.


  • Performing Kurims (rituals) for the communities.
  • Organizing and performing Drubchens, Tshokor, Rituals and Recitations whenever required.